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Voor alle PRIMA(Finn)-Power®, LVD®, AMADA®, EUROMAC® machines,


-      Snel-wissel-systeem met vervangbare inserts

-      Geen tools nodig voor de wissel

-      Compatibel met bestaande Ultra-houders A & B-stations

-      Stempels in POEDERSTAAL M4PM(= +50% levensduur)

-      Langere slijplengte(SBR=19.56mm)

-      Betere uitlijning door oriëntatiepunt op de stempelschouder

-      Betere geleiding van de stempel door een extra schouder-       

-      Houder met SuperMax coating voor langere standtijd

-      Minder stockageruimte nodig voor inserts





Mate Precision Tooling’s Ultra® QCT™ thick turret tooling takes insert-style punching systems to a whole new level! With its durable patent-pending design, tool-less punch retention mechanism and M4PM™ steel inserts, you’ll be on your way to faster, more cost effective punching in no time.



Ultra® QCT™ is designed to minimize effort and maximize uptime. There are no tools to use, break or lose to change the punch insert. Simply flip the durable latch to remove and snap the new insert into place. It’s really that easy!


Maintenance is a breeze, too. Use compressed air to clean away any debris without damage.



Ultra® QCT™ punch inserts are made from Mate’s proprietary M4PM™ steel, the longest lasting tool steel in the industry. At .770(19,56), the SBR is longer than our standard length punches, for more grind life. The punch is keyed at the perimeter providing better angularity control. Since the punch insert OD interfaces with the guide ID, punch guiding is superior, too.



The punch driver is made from high speed steel and comes standard with Mate’s proprietary next generation SuperMax™ coating for extended life. To ensure durability, Ultra® QCT™ has undergone extensive product testing in customer locations.



With Ultra® QCT™ Mate has simplified your tooling storage needs. Only one punch driver is required for rounds or shapes. Ultra® QCT™ works with all existing UltraTEC®, Ultra XT™ and Ultra® Fully Guided guides and canisters, so there’s no need to purchase a special or captive system. Punch inserts take up less space than standard punches and waste less material.

For Release on 20th November, 2015


Universal Laser Systems Authorized Channel Partner

- Belgium-Based Talas adds Leading-Edge Laser Processing Technology to its Portfolio

20th November, 2015 – Vienna, Austria
Belgium-based Talas, a distributor of precision tooling solutions, optics and lenses for CO2 laser equipment, recently entered into a new partnership with Universal Laser Systems (ULS), a leader in innovative laser materials processing solutions.

Since 1986 Talas has operated in the Belgium market and pride themselves on their knowledge and understanding of the local manufacturing playing field. Talas’ customers range from large organizations to small and medium enterprises, operating in niche sectors. For more info -> see 'News'.

“We were looking to add a new range of products to offer to existing customers, but also to expand into the growing field of material processing laser technology. Universal Laser System’s range of products is capable of processing a large variety of materials from plastics, composite materials and metals to textiles, making these systems an ideal expansion to our portfolio” says owner Didier Van Calster. Didier sees potential for Digital Laser Material Processing (DLMP) systems to process engineering plastics and seize various metal marking opportunities within the Belgium manufacturing market.

“Talas is a very good addition to our European distribution network,” said Mike Flanary, Vice President of Global Business Development at Universal Laser Systems “With their passion for customer service and knowledge of local industries, Talas is well-positioned to address the growing laser material processing market in Belgium. We believe Talas’ experience, technology insight and knowledge of the manufacturing market allows them to better serve the broad spectrum of product engineering and manufacturing companies in Belgium.”

About Universal Laser Systems

Universal Laser Systems is an engineering and manufacturing company founded in 1988 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with operating offices in Vienna, Austria and Yokohama, Japan. Universal Laser Systems is a leading global provider of CO2 and fiber laser systems and are recognized experts in laser-material interactions and advanced material processing. ULS laser systems are widely used from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies throughout automotive, aerospace, awards, electronics, packaging and manufacturing industries, to produce a variety of goods ranging from custom, one-off items to identical mass-produced parts and products. Universal laser systems are used to cut, mark and engrave a broad variety of organic and inorganic materials. For more information visit our website at

About Talas

Talas has been an active supplier of metalworking, tooling and accessories across Belgium since 1986. For nearly 30 years, Talas has developed a loyal customer base built upon a knowledgeable staff and outstanding customer service. Day after day we are ready to meet customer expectations and offer the best solutions in the field. For more information, please visit our website at


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